Little things.

Simple pleasures in life are what I live for. I am a person who can most likely be found in my bed, referred to as the cloud by my friends, napping. I am content there with a book, snuggling for actual hours on end. Whenever I have down time, which is rare between classes, my job and trying to fit in time to see my boyfriend, I will allot a whole day for this activity (if you can call it one) along with watching hours of Law and Order: SVU. Simple pleasures brighten my day whether I am aware of it or not. I hope that by reading some of my favorite ‘little things’ joy and smiles will be brought to your lives as well. Use your own simple pleasures and sprinkle them throughout your day, don’t even take for granted that cup of coffee, sip it slowly and enjoy it fully.

  1. Laying back and watching the stars
  2. Coming home to your dog
  3. Good wine and dark chocolate
  4. Driving with the windows rolled down, or a good walk or hike
  5. Checking something off my to-do list
  6. HGTV
  7. Homemade meals
  8. Dancing to my favorite song with my favorite people
  9. Taking a long, relaxing bubble bath
  10. That feeling when you wake up knowing you’re going on vacation


They are not big things, but each of them can translate to a great day if you use them right. I hope my ideas can spark thousands of your own, and it should be noted that one person’s pleasures aren’t always pleasures for others. Don’t forget to admire yours.


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