Do not read if easily repulsed.

If I have instilled any great and powerful knowledge on any of you throughout this blog it would be to never take your life, the wonders of this world or even the peskiest little bee for granted. But what about that person you might be overlooking the most. I’m talking about your significant other, the person we share the most personal secrets and confessions to. I am 100% about to get really sappy here and I beg you to bare with me.

In high school, my friends would often describe me as heartless. I don’t know if that was due to the fact that I was going through my own angst-y teenage phase but I truly wasn’t concerned with sentimentality or emotions. A few days ago actually, I was wasting time as I waited for the motivation to study to kick in, otherwise known as procrastinating, and I found myself on my Time Hop. This app, if you are unfamiliar, shows you the posts and comments you shared year by year since you became active on social media. Four years ago I was a senior in high school, and my most popular tweet read, “Boys. Like really, why do they have to exist?” Now I don’t quite remember what triggered my brief but moody exclamation but I do recall that I in fact did hate the male gender. My brothers included. I cringed at my naiveté and for my use of the word “like” but also I chuckled at how different my life is now. And by different I mean wonderful.

Flash forward to present day, and I am coming up on my 3-year anniversary with my boyfriend, Steve. How the hell did I get here? I find myself baffled by it all the time. I honestly can only toss it up to the fact that time truly does fly. I’m a senior in college now and my life is nowhere near where I imagined it to be. I am on my third college and my crazy best friends (at the time) who were frankly horrible influences, are nowhere near close to me anymore. Growing up really does mean changing and thank God I did.

When I was on my second college, my life was feeling pretty gloom. I had come back home from moving away to Michigan to go to Grand Valley State because it was boring and cold and not the experience I was looking for. I was back home, living in my parent’s basement (my bedroom is really in the basement, although I can’t get enough of it now) and I starting going to junior college. It felt like the biggest step back for me. I knew my mom was slightly disappointed in me, even though she would never have admitted it. And, the faces I’d see in the JJC halls reminded me of that tweet I posted in 2013.

I know I’m jumping around a bit in my timeline here but I was feeling a little defeated and like I’d stepped into a time machine and reverted back to high school. I walked into the very first class I ever had at that school, and I kid you not the first face I saw was his. I’m the most cliché girly girl ever now and yes, I’m going to say it…the rest was history. That doom and gloom turned into now what I consider to be the best decision I have ever made.

I, myself, am quite guilty of taking Steve for granted no matter how hard I try not to. Never in a million years when I first met him would I have imagined we be where we are today. I get so caught up in the myriad of responsibilities I have both regarding college and in my personal life. He’s my best friend and I find myself telling him more about what frustrates me in life rather than acknowledging how lucky I am.

Today I have a 5-day vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico planned with him. I stop and think each week that goes by that we are closer to going on our little get-away together how insane it is. I’m stoked for it but I know I never would be this happy without all the little bumps and bruises we’ve gone through. I’m pretty much aware we might kill each other on our trip, probably even before the plane lands, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so incredibly happy that I shake myself everyday to stop and take it all in.

I guess where I’m getting at is I never thought I’d be where I am today. But back then, I’d never have wished my life to change, and I’m grateful for it now. I knew exactly what I had; I just never thought I was going to lose it. I’m sort of eluding to the idea of “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till its gone.” Not everyone can make you happy, so when you find the one who does…make sure you don’t take him (or her) for granted.

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